Pilates—A new language for the mind and the body


Barbara's Pilates Journey

Pain and weakness from scoliosis and a herniated disc led Barbara to try Pilates. It changed her life. The experience of working through her own pain and limitations gives her a clear understanding of the challenges faced by her clients. 

Barbara had stopped her long distance bike riding and Pilates got her back on her bike. Her back ached just from sitting and standing for long periods and, sometimes, even not so long periods. Pilates alleviated those problems. 

She has always been active and her background of swimming, horseback riding, and dance has given her additional insights into how Pilates can help people enjoy other activities.


Barbara has been teaching Pilates since 2006. She was a client for 11 years before becoming a trainer through a comprehensive, 600-hour program.

Barbara is also certified to offer Oov training to clients.

Barbara's Clients

In addition to clients who also have scoliosis, Barbara has taught people with general lower back pain that seemingly has no specific medical origin. It usually stems from poor posture. 

Barbara's clients have included people who were pre- and post-op cases of knee replacements, hip replacements, ACL repair, meniscus repair, and rotator cuff injuries. 

Pilates is used by some of her clients as a complement to their other physical activities.  

She also has extensive experience teaching pregnant women and helping them regain strength and conditioning post natal. 

Oov training has proven to be a valuable tool to help clients address back issues in addition to shoulder and hip mobility.