Pilates—A new language for the mind and the body



Beginner clients work on the mat and Pilates apparatus including reformer, cadillac, high chair, and ladder barrel. As they advance, the Wunda chair (photo at right), spine corrector, small barrel, and pedi pole are added. Small props, including hand weights, Pilates circle, and foam roller are also used. All equipment is Gratz, the original classical equipment developed by Joseph Pilates.


The Oov's shape supports the spine's three curves and allows movement of the hips and shoulders. It's also flexible, unstable, and proprioceptive. This allows the Oov to provide feedback to the client, enables assessment and correction of movement patterns, and develops motor control (stabilize one body part while moving another). Oov training lengthens the spine, can relieve back discomfort, and improves performance in other activities by building stability, endurance, and control.