Pilates—A new language for the mind and the body

Jodi Gage Watkins

As a performing artist my body is my livelihood. When I met Barb, I had back spasms from scoliosis that would leave me unable to walk, and therefore unable to work. I had seen every kind of physical therapist, chiropractor, and massage therapist that you could imagine and nothing worked. Barb helped me address the root issues of strength & alignment, and she taught me how to manage my scoliosis outside of the studio.  I have not had a back spasm since starting my work with her 2 years ago! Working with Barb not only gave me my physical health back, it gave me the courage to move with confidence again.

Molly M.

I have worked with Barb since 2011. During that time, she has helped me advance my Pilates practice by incorporating new challenges. She gives clear corrections and takes the time to explain the logic behind the exercises. She continues to educate herself about Pilates and other forms of exercise. At her suggestion, I recently started using the Oov device. It has added a new dimension to the workouts. I am grateful for the time she has spent helping me improve.

Sarah S.

Barbara has been a part of my Pilates journey since 2006. She has seen me through the births of two children and the rebuilding afterwards.  A series of injuries left me walking with a cane several years ago and Barbara helped me rebuild from the ground up, working patiently and kindly as I learned how to walk properly again and regain my confidence. I’m back to my regular activities and am able to engage and enjoy running around with my children all thanks to Barbara! 

Claudia G.

I have studied Pilates under Barb since 2012. Initially, I discovered how disengaged my mind was from my body. I learned to think as I moved through each exercise to make individual muscle groups work to their potential. Barb emphasizes self-care and patience with our bodies as we progress. I'm pleasantly surprised at the changes I see and feel in my body.