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Barbara Katz has been doing Pilates for almost 20 years, and has been teaching since 2006. She is fully trained on all of the apparatus and the mat through a comprehensive, 600-hour program. Barbara is a firm believer in the system developed by Joseph Pilates, what is now referred to as classical Pilates. That means she teaches the exercises that Joe Pilates created, with the original intent, on the equipment that he designed in conjunction with the development of his exercise system.
I have done the exercises on several brands of equipment, and nothing gives your body an intense, thorough workout like the original Gratz equipment.(Barbara Katz)
Barbara discovered Pilates while searching for help with  pain and weakness from a herniated disc and scoliosis. The experience of working through her own physical issues gives  her a clear understanding of the challenges her clients face.
In addition to teaching clients with similar back problems, she has helped people recovering from knee and hip replacement, ACL repair, meniscus issues, rotator cuff repair, and childbirth. Barbara has extensive experience teaching pregnant women and helping them develop upper body strength to mitigate the physical strain of nursing.